Tekni-Plex Europe invests in state of the art low density EPE foam line for closure liners

Tekni-Plex Europe NV (Erembodegem/Belgium; www.tekni-plex.com) has started production with its state-of-the-art, low density EPE foam line in its Erembodegem, Belgium plant. The new installation also enables in-line lamination capability to produce EPE based structures including HDPE, LDPE, Saranex, and custom laminates. This new technology strengthens the global position of Tekni-Plex in the foamed liner market as it complements the already established reputation of the co-extruded Tri-Seal F217 series. Tekni-Plex is now able to offer an even broader range of liner materials, ranging from low density mono-layer EPE foams (200-400kg/m³), laminated EPE foams (including LDPE, HDPE, PET, PTFE, Saranex, PA, ALU/PET, and EVOH), and co-extruded Tri-Seal F217 series to non-foamed TPE and pharmaceutical rubber grades. These materials are mainly used as liners and gaskets in caps, closures and dispensing systems for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.

Tekni-Plex Inc. has recently completed a new production hall for its German subsidiary Top-Seals GmbH in Gronau. This will allow Top-Seals to improve the production environment to the highest cleanliness level required by the customers that it serves.

Earlier this year, Tekni-Plex Inc. also acquired Ghiya Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. in India. Ghiya Extrusions is a well established company in Asia and is specialised in the production of foamed materials in co-extruded and laminated structures. Ghiya will soon offer the F-217 series of materials adding an Asia supply point for Tekni-Plex.

Together with the Tri-Seal plants in the USA, Tekni-Plex Group is now the only producer that can offer its local and global customers foamed liner materials produced in 3 continents.

For any question you might have on how to seal a product, Tekni-Plex can assist you in advising the right material. Tekni-Plex has a multi-lingual sales and customer service team that can support you at any time with samples, quotations and technical data sheets.


Business unit Dispensing:

Belgium: Mr. Peter De Cock – (peter@tekni-plex.be - +32 53 65 07 11)

Italy: Mr. Jacques Minvielle – (minvielle@actiontechnology.it - + 39 02 908 2931)

Business unit Liners & Seals:

Europe: Mr. Dirk De Mulder – (dirk.demulder@tekni-plex.be - +32 53 65 07 11)

Asia - India: Mr. Nakul Ghiya – (nakul.ghiya@tekni-plex.com +91 98-25-066530)

Asia – China: Mr. Michael Luo – michael.luo@tekni-plex.com +86 186-1110-0160)

North America – Mr. David Andrulonis – david.andrulonis@Tekni-Plex.com – 1-419-491-2402


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Tekni-Plex’s plan to acquire Gallazzi’s Italian pharma blister film, adhesive tape substrate film businesses has been approved

Erembodegem, Belgium, February 23, 2015 - Tekni-Plex Europe NV is announcing today that its plan to acquire Gallazzi’s Italian-based pharmaceutical blister film (Tradate, Varese, Lombardia) and adhesive tape substrate film (Gallarate, Varese, Lombardia) businesses has been approved by the Italian authorities supervising the sale.

The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2015. Gallazzi’s Minerbio, Italy and Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France locations are not part of the sale.

Gallazzi’s Tradate site manufactures high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and polyvinylidene chloride- (PVDC) coated barrier films for pharmaceutical blister applications in an ISO8 Cleanroom. The Tradate facility also produces PVC films for food packaging and technical PVC films and sheets. Gallazzi’s Gallarate location produces thin PVC films used for adhesive-tape substrates.

“Gallazzi’s manufacturing capabilities and product offerings are an excellent complement to our global Tekni-Films business,” said Paul Young, chief executive officer, Tekni-Plex, Inc. “The acquisition will add mono-PVC calendaring capabilities to our blister portfolio in Europe, as well as state-of-the-art PVDC coating which will strengthen our barrier blister technology base. These new capabilities will provide our customers with high-quality, innovative films and sheets to support their business needs.”

About Gallazzi
Established in 1973, Gallazzi is known for the production of high quality PVC films and PVDC-coated barrier films for a wide variety of applications including pharmaceuticals, food packaging and other products. In 1996, Gallazzi merged with Flexafilms, a producer of thin gauge PVC film for adhesive tape applications located in Gallarate, Italy.
For more information on Gallazzi’s products, contact antonino.crisafulli@gallazzi.com 
or visit www.tekniplex-gallazzi.com

About Tekni-Plex, Inc.
Tekni-Plex, Inc. is a global manufacturer of technically-sophisticated products and components engineered to meet critical customer needs in niche applications. The company operates in three segments: healthcare, specialty packaging and food packaging. Tekni-Plex’s primary products include closure liners, medical tubing, high- barrier pharmaceutical films, medical compounds, dispensing components and thermoformed containers. The company is headquartered in Wayne, PA and operates 26 manufacturing facilities across nine countries worldwide to meet the needs of its global customers.
For more information, visit http://www.tekniplex-gallazzi.com/index.php/it/.

Michiel van den Berg, Tekni-Films Europe

Tekni-Plex and Top-Seals launch Tri-Seal ECO.

Newsletter Tri-Seal F217 ECO-series.pdf